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Last change on this file was 6865, checked in by westram, 10 years ago
  • loosened dependencies between libraries (merges [6820] [6828] [6830] [6831] [6832] [6833] [6834] [6835] [6836] [6837] [6839] [6840] from refactor)
      • fixed infinite recursion (appeared when defining cyclic lib-dependencies)
      • print different error when using wrong directory
    • create dependencies for AISC_MKPTPS
    • iupac code
      • moved interface into namespace iupac
      • renamed functions
      • defined iupac-groups for aminos
      • added 'C' to its own group (was missing)
      • added tests for nuc/amino groups data
      • adapted client code
      • moved iupac code to SL/PRONUC (which no longer depends on libAWT)
    • redefined SERVERCNTRL/client dependencies
      • SERVERCNTRL.a depends on client.a (apparently it does not matter whether PROBE_COM/client.a or NAMES_COM/client.a is used)
      • all clients depend on SERVERCNTRL.a (instead of client.a)
      • removed fake aisc-functions from arb_db_server (instead link client.a, as others do)
      • replaced PROBE_COM/client.test by SERVERCNTRL/SERVERCNTRL.test
    • removed cyclic dependency edit4→(secedit|RNA3D)→edit4
      • created EDIT4 plugin interface (ED4_plugin_host)
      • plugged in RNA3D and SECEDIT
    • fixes:
      • add menu-entries for SECEDIT and RNA3D only for RNA-alignments (like buttons)
      • added help to these menu-entries
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1# libraries needed to link against NALIGNER/NALIGNER.a
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