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1This is version 4.3 of a2ps, a program to format an ascii file for
2printing on a postscript printer. As the copyright indicates, this
3distribution can be freely redistributed.
5Initial version was a shell program written by evan@csli (Evan
6Kirshenbaum). It was very slow and contained many bugs. A new
7version was written in C for improve speed execution and portability.
8Many new features and improvements have been added since this first
9version. Many contributions (changes, fixes, ideas) were done by a2ps
10users in order to improve it. Current version is 4.3 and is quite
11different from early versions.
13Some notes on the distribution:
15    Installation is done by modifying and executing Makefile included
16    in this distribution. You must give a value to the following variable:
17    - compiler  compiler name, actually one of BSD, SYSV.
18                Turbo C and Microsoft C are considered Ansi C compilers
19                (don't define the variable compiler in this case).
21    You could also give your own values to following variables:
22    a) Default physical page dimension. Dimensions must be real constants,
23       specifying inch values.
24       - HEIGHT  sheet height
25       - WIDTH   sheet width
26       Default values correspond to A4 format (11.64 x 8.27). In USA, you use
27       use in general 11.0 x 8.5.
28    b) Total lateral (left+right) or vertical (top+bottom) margins. It must
29       be also a real constant, specifying inches (by default 1.2).
30       - MARGIN
31    c) Directory separator (by default '/')
32       - DIR_SEP char
33    d) A boolean to choice if you want to automatically emit a print command.
34       You have to "define" to any value the LPR_PRINT preprocessing variable
35       in this case.       
36    e) Name of print command and options to pass to this command. They
37       must be strings.
38       - LPR_COMMAND
39       - LPR_OPT
40    f) Options to pass to the lpr command to print one or two-sided pages.
41       - TWOSIDED
42       - ONESIDED
43       Be careful with quotes to set these values, they must be strings.
44       If these variables are not defined, a2ps will consider that only
45       one-sided pages can be printed, ignoring s1 and s2 options.
46    g) A boolean to choice if you want to print by default two-sided pages.
47       - TWOSIDED_DFLT
50    a2ps has been successfully ported to Unix 4.3BSD, Unix SystemV and
51    MSDOS.
54The a2ps distribution consists of the following files:
56        README          This message
57        Makefile
58        a2ps.c          a2ps source
59        a2ps.1          a troff manual (man file)
61Decide where you want to keep these files and move it there.
62Edit "Makefile" and change the definition of compiler name.
63To make a2ps do:
65    make a2ps
67To install it, do:
69    make install
71Format the manual entry using
73    nroff -man a2ps.1
76Please send problems and feedback to:
80    Miguel SANTANA
81    Unite mixte Bull-Imag
82    2, Av. Vignate
83    Z.I. Mayencin
84    38610 Gieres
85    France
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