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Last change on this file was 8574, checked in by westram, 10 years ago
  • [8567] failed on WCs where shared libs were up-to-date, but not yet present in $ARBHOME/lib
    • link libs directly in $ARBHOME/lib
  • no longer create 'SHARED.a' in shared-library-dirs
  • unit tests caused build of '' (instead of ''). Every library existed twice.
    • changed test-target-names for shared libaries (e.g. ARBDB/ARBDB.test → ARBDB/libARBDB.test)
    • added failing stopper targets to main-Makefile and shared-lib-Makefiles
  • changed all dependencies to shared libs
  • fixed dependency scripts to perform correct translations from lib/ ↔ UNIT/UNIT.(dummy|a). omg :/
  • updated predefined RESTRICT_LIB entries in UNIT_TESTER/Makefile.setup.template
    • check whether RESTRICT_LIB uses obsolete test-names (e.g. ARBDB instead of libARBDB) and fail if.
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1# libraries needed to link against AWTC/AWTC.a
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