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Last change on this file was 11401, checked in by westram, 7 years ago
  • reintegrates 'tree' into 'trunk':
    • consensus trees:
      • support for merging partial trees ("worked" before, but results were crap; implements #65)
      • generated trees are automatically re-rooted and -ordered
      • always list source trees in consensus-tree-comment; show info about partial trees
      • fixed progress bar
    • made GBT_TREE a base class of other tree classes (implements #31)
    • save tree properties in properties (not in DB)
    • new functions 'Remove zombies/marked from ALL trees'
    • tree load/save: layout fixes
    • unit tests
      • added tests for basic tree modifications (PARSIMONY)
    • performance:
      • compute_tree updates tree information in one traversal
      • tree generators are now capable to generate any type of tree (w/o needing to copy it once)
    • bugfixes:
      • NNI (of marked species) was also always performed for colored species
      • centered beautify-order is stable now
      • improved 'search optimal root'
  • adds:
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1# libraries needed to link against CONSENSUS_TREE/CONSENSUS_TREE.a
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