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#492 closed defect (fixed)

arb launcher does not terminate

Reported by: epruesse Owned by: westram
Priority: critical Milestone: arb7.0
Component: other Version: SVN
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Description (last modified by westram)

$ arb
Using ARBHOME='/home/epruesse/arb/trunk'
Using properties from /home/epruesse/.arb_prop
Please wait while the program ARB is starting .....
Waiting for '/home/epruesse/.arb_tmp/sockets/arb_launcher.19994'..
[arb_launcher[0]: Starting 'arb_ntree'..]
Using properties from '/home/epruesse/.arb_prop/ntree.arb'
Using properties from '/home/epruesse/arb/trunk/lib/arb_default/status.arb'
ARB: Loading 'ntree.arb'
ARB: Loading '/home/epruesse/.arb_prop/ntree.arb' done

[arb_launcher[0]: 'arb_ntree' has terminated with success]
[arb_launcher[0]: All launched processes terminated]

no return to shell…

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comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by westram

The script terminates and returns to shell after closing arb, as long as i did not use a pt- or name-server from there.
After using one of these, the script blocks until that server terminates:

  • nameserver terminates after some minutes
  • ptserver wont terminate

comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by epruesse

For me, starting "arb demo.arb" and closing it again suffices. I always have to kill it. Not sure why…

comment:7 Changed 7 years ago by westram

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Now i got a reproducible situation:

  • a VM running BioLinux8 using a NDEBUG version of source:trunk@14491 always freezes the launcher when called from a terminal inside the machine
  • logging into the VM from another host using "ssh -Y" and using the same arb WC does not freeze!

Process tree after arb startup (intro-window):

ralf     22444    \_ /bin/bash -u /home/ralf/ARB-saha/ARB.trunk.NDEBUG/bin/arb
ralf     22454        \_ /bin/bash /home/ralf/ARB-saha/ARB.trunk.NDEBUG/bin/arb_launcher arb_ntree
ralf     22464            \_ /bin/bash /home/ralf/ARB-saha/ARB.trunk.NDEBUG/bin/arb_launcher arb_ntree
ralf     22532            |   \_ /bin/bash /home/ralf/ARB-saha/ARB.trunk.NDEBUG/bin/arb_launcher arb_ntree
ralf     22534            |   |   \_ arb_ntree
ralf     22535            |   |       \_ arb_ntree
ralf     22546            |   \_ /bin/bash /home/ralf/ARB-saha/ARB.trunk.NDEBUG/bin/arb_launcher arb_ntree
ralf     22465            \_ tee /home/ralf/.arb_prop/logs/20151112_080934.22454/run.log

After pressing 'Exit':

ralf     22444     |      \_ /bin/bash -u /home/ralf/ARB-saha/ARB.trunk.NDEBUG/bin/arb
ralf     22454     |          \_ /bin/bash /home/ralf/ARB-saha/ARB.trunk.NDEBUG/bin/arb_launcher arb_ntree
ralf     22465     |              \_ tee /home/ralf/.arb_prop/logs/20151112_080934.22454/run.log
ralf     22535     \_ arb_ntree

Problem is the process of the arb status window (22535) - which obviously does not terminate!

  • tee (22456 here) just waits for a parent-shell of 22535 which does not terminate
  • killing 22535 lets the launcher terminate normally

comment:8 Changed 7 years ago by westram

basically fixed by [14493]. Still hangs if nameserver or ptserver has been started and is still running.

comment:9 Changed 7 years ago by westram

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from _started to closed

by [14509]

Remaining TODO

  • session log directories fail to delete if a pt- or name-server is still running, while arb terminates

comment:10 Changed 19 months ago by westram

  • Milestone changed from arb6.1 to arb7.0

Milestone renamed

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