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arb sometimes does not terminate (unreproducable)

Reported by: westram Owned by: devel
Priority: minor Milestone:
Component: no idea Version: SVN
Keywords: undefined behavior Cc:


Under some situations arb fails to terminate properly, but that behavior is not reproducable.

Examined unreproducable situations:

  1. Start arb with a DB w/o trees
    ⇒ warning window pops up ("no tree…").
    Now close main window.
    • normally warning window closes and arb terminates
    • sometimes warning window does not close and arb does not terminate
  2. Start arb with a defect DB (e.g. "arb /proc/version") and press 'continue'
    Arb will display an error message.
    • normally arb closes after pressing ok
    • sometimes arb does not terminate

see: #554, #436 (reproducable termination failures)

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