ARB mailing list

The mailing list has been shut down by Yahoo in late 2020 :-(

I've saved the member list and plan to setup some simple mailing list in the future.

The arb_users mailing list is a good source for news about ARB.
New releases will be announced in this list and you can talk to many sophisticated ARB users there.

There are two ways to join the mailing list:

  • Or simply use the following links to subscribe with your normal email-adress
    (no Yahoo-Account needed for this):
Subscribe to Mailing Listsubscribe@…
Unsubscribe from Mailing Listunsubscribe@…

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After that you will instantly receive an automatic e-mail from yahoo-groups.
Follow the instructions in that mail to confirm your subscription.

It might take a few days until you receive your membership acknowledgement, since we prefer to confirm membership manually.
If you don't get any response, please mail to approval.wanted@… discribing what you did.

Please note that your first posting will be moderated - simply to avoid spammers to participate - so it might take a few days until it appears in the group.

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