Estimated usage of ARB bug tracker

  • Let other people know, what you are working on!
    This means your name should always appear in the list of accepted tickets.

    Before you start to fix a bug or make an enhancement
    • create a ticket for it (if it doesn't already exist)
    • either
      • accept the ticket (= "I will work on it") or
      • start the ticket (= "I am currently working on it")

        You should not have more than one started ticket
        (see "Don't lie" below)

Do this even if you have some half-done work laying around somewhere (you should stop that ticket).

  • Don't lie:
    • if you stop to work on a ticket ⇒ stop the ticket
    • if you no longer plan to work on a ticket ⇒ reassign or unassign it (probably even to yourself, to unaccept the ticket)
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