Building ARB from SVN

This is a step-by-step tutorial for Ubuntu.

Building ARB for the first time

  1. Install required packages
    sudo apt-get install subversion gnuplot gv libmotif3 xfig transfig xterm g++ libxpm-dev libmotif-dev libtiff4-dev libx11-dev libxaw7-dev libxext-dev libxml2-utils libxpm-dev libxt-dev lynx time x11proto-print-dev xsltproc xutils-dev make 
  2. Get the source
    svn co arb_svn
  3. Go into the downloaded directory
    cd arb_svn
  4. Configure this directory to be your ARBHOME
    export ARBHOME=$PWD
    export PATH=$ARBHOME/bin:$PATH
  5. Run make to create the build configuration "config.makefile"
    make all
  6. Edit config.make file. Disable OpenGL dependent modules by setting "OPENGL := 0".
    # Include features using OPENGL? 
    OPENGL := 0
  7. Build ARB
    make all
    If you have a multi-core Computer, you can speed up building by adding "-jN" where N is the number of cores in your computer plus one.
    make all -j5

Running the newly built ARB

  1. If you opened a new shell, repeat the steps to set the ARBHOME and PATH variables from building ARB
    export ARBHOME=$HOME/arb_svn
    export PATH=$ARBHOME/bin:$PATH
    (Assuming you put ARB in "arb_svn" directly in your home folder)
  2. Start ARB

Updating ARB to the most current version

  1. Enter the directory where you compiled ARB and configure ARBHOME/PATH
    cd ~/arb_svn
    export ARBHOME=$PWD
    export PATH=$ARBHOME/bin:$PATH
  2. Update the source code
    svn update
  3. Make sure there are no local modifications (don't do this if you changed the source)
    svn revert --recursive .
  4. Rebuild ARB
    make clean && make all -j5
    (Normally, the "make clean" is not necessary. Rebuilding everything is safer, though.)

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