Reporting ARB bugs

When you should NOT create a ticket

  • Please do not address your questions about (howto use/install) ARB as tickets.
    Your questions will be silently ignored and the ticket closed.
    Instead please
    • either join the ArbMailingList where you'll find many cooperative arb users.
      If you don't get help there,
    • use our support address
      Don't expect us to answer all support requests - we are only a few people and we definitely can't help you with your system administration, basic issues covered by the ARB-Documentation and so on.
  • Please help us to avoid duplicated bug-reports.

Make sure, the bug isn't already reported using the search page.
If you feel your problem is related, but not identical, you may also add new comments to existing tickets.

Howto create a ticket

  • Since the bug-tracker and the wiki have been spammed in the past, you need to login using our guest account:
    • Either
      • click Login above
      • enter guest as username and stopspam as password
    • or click here
  • If you did not find the bug in the ticket system, create a New Ticket.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • your operation system
  • the version of arb you used to find the bug.

There is a selection box labeled Version: in each ticket, where you can select from released versions or whole release-series.
If the version you use is not listed, call arb help in a terminal to show the detailed version (e.g. arb-devel-7.1.rev18697) and include that into the ticket. That version can also be seen in the Intro-window and in the File-menu under Version info.

  • the name of the database you've used to produce the bug

If you cannot reproduce the bug with any database,
we either need the name of some publicly available database (e.g. "demo.arb" or "LSUParc_115_SILVA_13_06_13_opt.arb")
if the bug only occurs with one of your private databases, you may use our anonymous dropbox + mention the filename used for upload in the ticket.

If you require more privacy you may always use RalfsPgpKey.

  • detailed steps needed to reproduce the bug.

Alternatively to describing the needed steps, you may as well record an arb-macro (see ARB_NTREE/File/Macros) and attach the macro file to the ticket.

  • please describe what happens and maybe what you think should happen instead.
  • attach the session log

This log is generated since arb version 6 and contains the console output and some information about your system.

The most recent log can be found as ARB_last_session.tgz in your home directory.
Older logs can be found in ~/.arb_prop/logs/.

Please note that the collected information does include some private information you may not like to share with the rest of the world. So you may also use our anonymous dropbox + mention the used filename in the ticket.

  • If you like to receive email notifications about a ticket you create, add yourself to the cc:-field
    (your email address will only be visible to logged in users)

Thank you for your help!

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